Sasquatch Pale Ale  473ml 4Pak

Sasquatch Pale Ale 473ml 4Pak

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It’s no secret that BC is a wild and mythical place, with vast unexplored forests and mountain ranges.
The Sasquatch is perhaps one of the most fascinating legends of Mythical BC. Described as a bi-pedal mammal of exceptional size, covered in hair from head to toe. The Sasquatch has been a part of BC history for nearly 10,000 years. Discovery of stone carvings and petroglyphs on walls depicting a large Ape with huge feet. Stories passed down of the “Wild man of the Forest”. The name Sasquatch is believed to come from the Sts’ailes first nations word “Sasq’ets” which describes a caretaker of the land. The Bulkley Valley is home to some of the most diverse and unexplored wild areas in BC, and some of the highest sightings of Sasquatch in BC, sightings have even been reported by local RCMP. Whatever your thoughts are, the Sasquatch reminds us of the mystery and wonder that exists in the natural world, igniting our imagination of the possibility of undiscovered creatures in the great Canadian wilderness.


Tasting Notes:

In Honor of this, we use Canada’s first patented Hop grown only in Canada — the Sasquatch Hop — which gives our beer beautiful earthy aroma and flavours of pine, peeled orange, lemon and cedar that lead into a smooth full-bodied mouthfeel with moderate bitterness.