Suskwa Saison  946 ML  Crowler

Suskwa Saison 946 ML Crowler

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Tasting Notes:

A Hazy Saison that will blow you away with its aroma, but gives way to a light body that is very refreshing. Citrus notes through out with a slightly spicy finish.  A TRUE  summer beer that can be enjoyed anywhere but will take you day dreaming about your last magical outing.

ABV 4.6% IBU 11

About the Name:

The Suskwa is a pure place of wild beauty.   World Renown for it's Steelhead fishing but also home to Salmon and Rainbow trout, this truly is a Fly casters paradise.  Located at the tip of the Bulkley Valley, near Hazelton.  It is a place you need to see with your own eyes.   Suskwa means - Bear River.... aptly named due to the abundance of food in the River for bears.