E.I.p.a  946 ML  Crowler

E.I.p.a 946 ML Crowler

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A Golden Westcoast IPA with an aroma that screams Orange and Tropical fruit, but is layered with spice and herbal notes. This IPA gets it’s backbone from Summit and Magnum hops while being rounded out by Amarillo and Cascade hops through the boil and heavily dry hopped after fermentation.  A Great beer for any time of year, whether you are working or not.

ABV 6.2%

IBU 61

About the Name

This Beer gets it's namesake from the Seasonal workers and E.I. Ski Teams in Northern BC. We need Forest Fire fighters, and Treeplanters up here.  These workers usually come to Smithers from out east, but Truly all over the world. They work hard all Summer and live the Glorious ski bum life in the winter.  Cheers, to these integral parts of every Ski town scene!